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Sep 27, 2005 at 03:15 AM

Delta update via Date Field


Hi all,

I've read and used the How-To for generic delta and this is what I've done for my custom Z table:

1) I added a LAST_CHANGED field, type DATS;

2) In my datasource, I used that field for the delta;

3) I specified an upper limit of 1 and left the lower limit blank. I haven't found a solid explanation of what the upper and lower limits mean, so I'm not sure what are the proper values for these fields.

3) In the InfoSource, all I did was add the 0RECORDMODE InfoObject into the Communications Structure only. The "Transfer Rules" tab is yellow because nothing is defined for the 0RECORDMODE. Is this correct? The InfoSource does activate fine, however.

4) I loaded the ODS with the initial delta and it worked fine. Note that the LAST_CHANGED date in all the records were dates in the past (i.e., many months ago; none of them were recent).

5) I then added a new record with a LAST_CHANGED date of today and ran the delta update. But 0 records were selected.

How come? Does this have something to do with the lower/upper limit?

I am pretty lost as to what I need to do to get deltas fully working by date. Please help if you can.