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Former Member
Sep 08, 2013 at 01:34 AM

Delta behavior for setting flag on DSO and Info Cube


Hello Experts,

I have a scenario for reporting where I have to set flag for certain data, Consider I have an installation number and that installation have multiple operands,

And I have to set flag for Installations where Operand is "ZABC". I will check for operand "ZABC" into installation 112233 and set flag 'X' into a flag field.

for e.g. If installation 112233 have 20 records and any of them have operand "ZABC" then it should set flag 'X' for all 20 records.

let's say I extracted an installation from source system and 10 records came into BI and none of them have "ZABC" hence no flag set,Problem is later I did delta and 5 records came and one of which have operand "ZABC" for same installation at that Time only five records will set flag 'X' what about other 10 which are in DSO.

what should I do, shall I re model my data flow? or any suggestion that I can overcome flagging issue on delta ?