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Sep 07, 2013 at 08:15 AM

Problem with extended attributes



I'm currently working on an extended model for EAM model (technology diagram). My goal is to build a view of a SAP BI 4.0 CMS to provide an architecture visual map. Everything is working fine accessing all needed elements (reports, universes, ...) but I have a strange behavior using extended attributes.

Here's how it was done in PowerDesigner:

1. At the model level, few extended attributes and a form is defined to capture CMS connection parameters

2. I defined extended objects for a generic "BO Document" with specific stereotypes RichClient and Webi Document (to be extended later)

3. I defined also several extended objects for universes, connection, report instance

4. A specific script has been developped to connect and capture elements from the CMS

Problem description:

When capturing BO Document information, I use "SetExtendedAttribute" to save values but, in some cases, nothing is saved in the extended attribute.

Here's part of the script (decomposed for the demonstration):

and here's the result:

I really don't understand why I don't have the value in the extended attribute ?

Can you help ?




script.JPG (18.7 kB)
result.JPG (22.1 kB)