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Sep 06, 2013 at 08:35 PM

BO Universe XI 3.1 - OLAP on BW Query 7.31 - LoV x Virtual Provider Issue


Hi Gurus,

We have a few pre-existing BO Universes which were based on BW queries on top of MultiProviders.

Previously, each MultiProvider had a few basic BW InfoCubes as Part Providers.

Due to a new requirement, one custom Virtual Provider was added as a new Part Provider to each of the afore mentioned MultProviders, mapping existing characteristics and two new key figures.

NB: Virtual Provider is based on ABAP Function Module with parameter interface according to Variant 2 as per SAP definitions.

All related BW queries were maintained to include the two new keyfigues as new column elements.

All related BO Universes were properly updated to reflect queries changes.

During functional tests no performance issues were reported and the two new measures worked as expected.

However one issue was noticed, previously all List Of Values (LoVs) defined in these Universes were listing "Only Posted Values for Navigation" as defined in corresponding queries in BW, but after the inclusion of the Virtual Provider all of the LoVs are listing "Values in Master Data Table", which obvisously is not desired.

I have already checked every characteristic extended property in BW queries and in all of them "Only Posted Values for Navigation" is still checked.

I have already tried the second best option which would be to have LoVs listing "only Values in InfoProvider" - both the MultiProvider and Part Providers had their Provider-specific Properties for each InfoObject set as follows: Query Exec.FilterVal = D; to no avail either.

I have also applied SAP Note 1224318 which covers the issue of "MDX InfoProvider restrictions on member rowset". The issue remains.

I have been reading countless SAP documents, white-papers and every post I could find in SCN to try to assert possible limitations in the use of Virtual Providers together with BO Universes, but I could not find any trustful reference on LoV limitations.

Q1) Can anyone say whether or not, Virtual Providers are fully compatible with LoVs?

Q2) And if so, how can I have LoVs back working as before, in other words, listing "Only Posted Values for Navigation"?

Well, facts are:


- BO Universe Designer version

- BO Web Intelligence Rich Client version 12.3.0 compilation 601

- SAP BW 7.31 SP 5 (on top of HANA)

- SAP BEx Query Designer 7.30 SP 3 revision 699

Thanks in advance for any clarifications.

Best Regards,

Ricardo Nunes