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Sep 06, 2013 at 07:45 PM

NWBC Favorites vs Easy Access (SAPGUI) Favorites


A question that has frequently came out among my users ... When should one use the NWBC Favorites vs the SAPGUI favorites? Did anybody have a use case where one absolutely have no choice but to use NWBC favorite?

The SAPGUI favorites seems to be superior in capability comparing to NWBC favorites e.g.

1) It could appear in both Work Center and Favorite Panel (NWBC favorite only appears in the Panel)

2) It support Folder like structures (NWBC favorite are flat)

The only disadvantage seems to be the maintenance of the entries i.e. NWBC favorites could be maintained directly from NWBC; SAPGUI favorites maintenance have to done via SMEN,