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Sep 06, 2013 at 06:10 PM

Procurement priority in Transportation lane is not respected-SNP Heuristics


Hi All,

I am trying to model a scenario where there are two mfg plants supplying one DC , like plant A supplies to DC1 until Oct 31st 2013 & from November both plant A & B also can supply to DC1.

Here one of the transportation lane(Plant A --> DC1) is created thru Special procurement key , which is valid from 01/01/1970 to 12/31/9999 and the other one(Plant B --> DC1) is created manually using /sapapo/scc_tl1 which is valid from 11/01/2013 to 12/31/999. My requirement is from November I want the new tlane((Plant B --> DC1)) to take priority over the old one (Plant A --> DC1) . So this is how i have defined my TLANEs.

PLant A --> DC1 01/01/197012/31/9999Proc. Priority : 20Created thru SPK

PLant B --> DC1 11/01/201312/31/9999Proc. Priority : 10Created Manually

When I run SNP heuristics , always the t.lane with priority 20(which was created thru SPK) gets selected. all my purchase requisition on November month are from Plant A.

1) Does system gives preference between tlanes created manually / thru SPK ?? Any idea why my new Tlane is not getting picked up ??There are no costs defined in both lanes.

2) Do i need quota arrangements to model this scenario ?