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Sep 06, 2013 at 05:58 PM

Seeburger FTP adapter



We have the following scenario. We want to get EDI 861 via ftp from our partner to PI to our R3. The challenge we are facing is getting started with seeburger adapters. We looked into seeburger ftp/van adapter. We are not using VAN. Is it possible to configure this adapter in sender communication channel for our scenario? We tried it, but we are stuck at choosing the message protocol, because we get only the VAN supported message protocols from the drop down menu. Our goal is to get the EDI 861 from our partner via ftp, parse it to XML representation, map the xml to equvalent IDOC and send it to our R3. Can we use the seeburger adapter that receives the edi and parses it into? If yes, how do we go about to solve this issue. We know that we can use the normal FTP adapre of SAP along with the BIC module but the client wants to use the Seeburger FTP adapter instead.

Thanks and Regards