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Sep 06, 2013 at 05:38 PM

Rant: ripping-off customers by applying on-premise resource models for cloud HRIS continues


You know there's another customer being ripped off by a "system integrator" applying an on-premise resource model for an HR SaaS project, when you receive this kind of request for resources in an HRIS cloud project from an agency:

"All roles full time for 6 months - extendable:

Data Migration Project Manager, Manchester

2. Interfaces Stream Project Manager, Manchester

3. System & Business Architect, Manchester

4. Resourcing Analyst - Functional Stream, Manchester

5. Learning Analyst - Functional Stream, Manchester

6. HCM/Benefit Analyst - Functional Stream, Manchester

7. Payroll Project Manager, Manchester. "

(you see from the role levels that that's not even all of the roles to be deployed.

Makes me really, really angry. Customers have been continuously ripped off through over-resourcing with low quality for on-premise HRIS, but seems worse in the cloud :-(

We discussed this in this podcast recently: