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Sep 06, 2013 at 03:20 PM

Let's Make SAP Basis/Netweaver Administration interactive !


Hi All,

With funny mood, let's make Boring 😢 Administrative life interactive 🤣

You have to do nothing but get a time to answer easy question and ask question for other.

I will start with one simple SAP Basis question, give a correct answer and make a new question so that other can answer..

You might find it easy 😭 and silly 🤪 but it may be lucrative for new joiners.

Condition is 🤯, if you are Not answering the question you are not allowed to make a new question. Don't Cheat 😠

Question - Why SAP does SAP recommend having copy of DDIC user for Support Pack work while we have DDIC available in the system?😕