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Sep 06, 2013 at 02:34 PM

How to get selected index of Dropdown by Index in a ALV table


Hello All,

Can any body help me how to Read selected index of a Dropdown By Index in ALV table

I have a ALV table in that 1 column is a Dropdown By Index to show different dropdown values in each row of ALV table. to achieve this I created separate attribute in same context node as VALUESET of type WDR_CONTEXT_ATTR_VALUE_LIST. As part of my requirement I have same Value and Text values for VALUESET

ls_value_custom-text = 'TEST'.

ls_value_custom-value = 'TEST'.

Values are populated and I am getting different values for dropdown on each row of ALV table

My requirement is to Get the Selected index of the dropdown( Ex: From ALV 3rd row I open the dropdown and sleeted 5th value)

I am using event ON_CELL_ACTION to capture change.

r_param->value->* is returning Value of the Dropdown, my issue is I need to get the index of the selected Value

My r_param->index is returning 3 (3rd row of ALV where I opened the Dropdown)