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Sep 06, 2013 at 12:27 PM

Daily Job - Stop just for one day without deleting it.


I have a background job which runs every night. Due to some testing being performed each weekend at the moment, we do not want this job to run over the weekend, just temporarily.

I know I can simply delete the job and recreate it, but the job has 19 steps, all with variants and it's a pain to delete it and recreate it.

It is possible to just "pause" it for a couple of days? Currently the job is in "released" status for tonight. I still want it to run tonight, but not Saturday or Sunday and then continue as normal on Monday.

I'm aware I can use Factory Calenders to define irregular run patterns but this isn't really suitable in this case as it's just temporary.

Basically I'm hoping for a quick easy way to just hold the job for a couple of days!