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Sep 06, 2013 at 10:54 AM

Triggering Service Order's Based on Contract Validity Dates Using Action Profile


Dear All,

We have a requirement where based on the contract validity dates the service order's need to get triggered at the back end, I have used using action profile method call copy_document for the same. Following is the requirement which is given below

1) If Contract Validity Date is 1 year- Trigger All 4 Service Order's

2) If Contract Validity Date is 9months- Trigger 3 Service Order's

3) If Contract Validity Date is 6 Months- Trigger 2 Service Order's

4) If Contract Validity Date is 3 Months- Trigger 1 Service Order.

I am pasting the screen shot of my contract first created in SAP CRM Web Ui with all 4 service order's which got triggered using action profile

Following configurations done.

Created action profile, assigned start condition to the same and assigned the action profile to my contract. In the container I have selected status profile, with this container all 4 service order's get triggered, however which container should I select so that if the contract validity is say 9 months then only 3 Service Order's need to get triggered and if the contract validity is 6 months then the contract should trigger only 2 Service Order's as mentioned above.

Following are the action profile settings which I have made

The method call used is copy_document

Kind Regards



Untitled.png.9.png (211.3 kB)
Untitled.png.10.png (159.4 kB)
Untitled.png.11.png (130.6 kB)
Untitled.png.12.png (125.8 kB)
Untitled.png.13.png (142.8 kB)