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Sep 06, 2013 at 10:30 AM

Risk Involved in implementing Characteristics Change Log: Program RCCLUKA2 ??


Hello ,

We wanted to track changes in material characteristics , so I worked on below SAP Note.

942691 - Information about using RCCLUKA2

I have done this in quality system and it is working fine, how ever there is a hesitation and fear about the risk invloved in converting old data

here is the what the notes says.

What to do if a termination occurs:

o If RCCLUKA2 terminates in a production system, this is a serious

problem. The sooner such problems are solved, the lower the effort

required to remove possible inconsistencies. Therefore, problems

with RCCLUKA2 should be solved promptly.

o After the termination, classifications may no longer be displayed.

There are three reasons for this.

- The classifications are stored in the temporary files and are

deleted in the tables KSSK and AUSP.

- The classifications are in the old format in the tables KSSK

and AUSP. The switch TCLA-MULTOBJ is already set. In this

case, the classifications are not identified because the

expected INOB record does not exist yet.

- The classifications are deleted and are not saved in temporary

files either. A possible reason for this is described in Note


The invisible classifications may lead to further classifying,

making it much more difficult to remove inconsistencies.

o After the termination, the conversion cannot be classified. This

is not allowed until all of the data has been correctly converted

after the restart. If classification occurs, this leads to greater

effort when removing inconsistencies.


please advice the risk Involved in implementing Characteristics Change Log: Program RCCLUKA2 ??