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Sep 26, 2005 at 06:07 PM

Delete a request from cube already rolled up.


I need some input regarding the following scenario in our P system:

1- Last week daily data loads to cube are rolled up in aggregates.

2- Sat and Sunday loads brough into PSA only

3- Monday load to cube is rolled up in aggregates.

Problem: Unable to further process loads in #2 to cube since their IDs are smaller than the one in #3.

Unable to delete request in #3 in Cube's manage view because it is rolled up. To be able to do this I must delete aggregates contents which I can not afford to do because it would take 2 days to rebuild.

OSS 633200 says that I could remove request in #3 by reversing it in the monitor.

Before doing the reversing of the request, I want to know the following:

a- Will I be able to process the requests from #2 after the reversal.

b- Will I be able to reconstruct request from #3 after step a is successful.

Thank You