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Sep 06, 2013 at 08:36 AM

SAP BCM Changed audio/microphone setting by itself


Hello! My first post here, or anywhere ever regarding IT issues.

We have two users who have annoying problem with SAP BCM client. Around every 20 to 60 seconds they get message the microphone settings have been changed, check settings.

They use Jabra Link 280 as headphones.

We have so far:

- Checked USB power settings

- Checked Jabra updates etc.

- Deleted/Updated all audio drivers on computer

- Tried different headphones, jabra only thou because those need to work..

We have around 300 users without this problem and these two just happen to have the exact same issue. No connection between the two, they started on different weeks and so on..

I found out that if i disable every single audio driver and device on computer, including internat microphone the setting change problem wont occur and a call wont end, but you cant hear the callers voice eventhou he can hear you.

Anyone experienced similiar problems?

Help appreciated, thanks!