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Sep 06, 2013 at 08:15 AM

Workflow is getting completed but process is in ready state



We have created forms using Process and forms. The process is started by initator and it goes to next approver i.e. EDM. EDM can approve/reject a form. When EDM takes any action then few tables get updated. In a particular case when EDM approves, workflow is completed but required tables are not updated properly like T5ASRSTEPS where status is ready but Process status is processed.

Due to this the process is still showing in READY state. Function Module HR_ASR_UPD_WF_DATA (which updates workflow data) has OSS Note 1543828 which doesn't take any action when workflow is completed and gives error WZ527(Work item has in final status -> function rejected) in system logs.

OSS Note 1543828


* Note 1543828
* As per the workflow colleagues advice we check the return code of FM SAP_WAPI_WRITE_CONTAINER
* rather than calling enqueue method as the lock issue only happens for a rather
* slow system and a call to the enqueue method would add to the resource crunch
*this funtion module can be called even by a workitem(background save save_form_data_to_db)
* then the workitem which the below are trying to lock are the one which has triggered this FM.
*Due to which we are in two situations 1. the lock error 2. the workitem might be completed. Therfore we
*check for both if it raises a lock eror we wait for some seconds else if the workitem is completed
*then don't do anything

Please suggest how this can be reolved.