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Sep 06, 2013 at 06:54 AM

SHPMNT05 idoc (message type SHPMT) failing



We have an inbound SHPMNT05 idoc coming into ECC . I need to know whether in standard SAP, this inbound idoc creates shipment document in ECC or it just changes an existing shipment document already created in ECC

1 ) In my current inbound idoc, we have E1EDT20-TKNUM=23456 and E1EDT18=ORI. TKNUM is shipment number

That means will this idoc create a shipment document in ECC with shipment number = 23456 . Am I correct ? If yes, then I think we need to have an external number range for shipments ? we do not have any shipment number 23456 existing in ECC currently.

2) the above inbound idoc is also failing. The message is "transportation planning point 2000 does not exist " . We do not have 2000 as tranportation planning point configured in system. The issue is there is no segment in idoc which carries tranportation planning point. i checked in WE 60 idoc documentation too, there is no segment for transportation planning point for this idoc . So why is idoc failing The idoc carries the delivery number and the company code of sales order is 5600. for this company code, there are many transportation planning points in config except 2000 ?