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Sep 06, 2013 at 04:51 AM

BI 4.0 - CMS failed to start


Hi Experts,

I have installed SBOP 4.0 on Sybase as per the installation guide found in support portal. I have carefully performed settings like 8k pages size and

UTF-8 char set etc. during the installation of Sybase. Installation completed successfully and I was able log on to BI launchpad and CMC through IE.


I have restarted the server for some update and found that all the service like Sybase SQL server, SIA were working fine. But when I tried to log on to

CMC an error occurred "•Error: Server NSBW:6400 not found or server may be down (FWM 01003) null".

I have gone through some notes and SCN posts and I have followed the below workarounds.

1. I logged on to DB and I was able to access the CMS DB with the same credentials given during installations.

2. I found that the Database and log was almost and so I have increased the DB device space and the log space too.

3. I have tried to update the DSN of SIA through CCM --> SIA--> right click ---> configurations --> update DSN --> Sybase native driver --> entered the DB credetials, then i was asked to specify the cluster key and i have entered the cluster password given during the installation, but I got an error saying the cluster key is invalid.

My Questions:

1. What would went wrong after restarting server?

2. DB is up and SIA is up why I am getting the error stating server is down?

3. What type cluster key I should while updating DSN?

Kindly help me to solve this issue.