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MSDS Report Shipping

Hello Experts,

This is about Report Shipping.

As per current set up in the system, the dispatcher jobs which is RCVDDISP is scheduled at 08:00AM. In general it takes 25 mins to complete all the process that means at 08:25AM report shipping order are getting CO-Completed Status with Final report icon and final report. since the job is getting completed at 06:25AM, so at this time, the report are getting shipped to customer and some reports are getting triggered for printing.

Now, if we see the same report 10 mins , 20 & 30 mins after 08:25AM in CVD1 then some information on report is different. means

at 08:25AM - section 2 having data ABCDE

at 08:35AM - section 2 having data BCDE

at 08:45AM - section 2 having data CDEF

at 08:55AM - section 2 having data AB which is generally correct and which remains in the system as it as. No further changes happens to it,

so if you consider above example, the report which was printed at 08:25AM is not correct one.

Now, if i trigger manually the it works fine, if I re-ship it then works fine. problems occurring only when Automatic Report Shipping ( background Mode) happens.

My Initial thought,

I think the send jobs is getting triggered before the 'Data gatheration' job complete it's task which is probably getting completed at 08:55AM.

what is your opinion on the same. what and where i shoud check?

which jobs i should delay ( RCVDEVEN )?

Kindly Advise.

Thanking You !


Amol Joshi

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    Posted on Sep 05, 2013 at 07:41 PM

    Dear Amol

    I am not If I understood your topic. Let's try it different: years ago (long period ago) there was an error in raw report generation and final report generation. This lead to "similar" situations which I believe I understood according to your example.

    First question: which release are you using (SP ? ECC 5.0, ECC 6.0 etc.)?

    Second question: do you use SAP DMS or Archive Link for SBR / SBE documents?

    Third question: did you find this situation now and was there a SP update or any other change in system?

    (PS: I assume we talk about MSDS/SDS ?).

    The "main" issue which I have with your explanation is your example. If a "similar" error exist (like that happend years ago) the complet content of report is not related any more to data of spec id. It feels like to look for an SDS of "Cola" instead of "beer" (complete different content). This was true for raw report and final report.

    But I have the felling that your topic is a little bit different to that I know as after some time in CVD1 you find the correct content.

    If a similar error might exists then frankly it is absolute not easy to "prepare" examples which can be used for OSS dialog.

    Sorry. But this is really strange situation.


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    • Dear Amol

      may be check: 1781777. I "drilled" a little bit down in SAP marketplace. Therefore I believe th ebest option is to start OSS dialog.

      The error which I have in mind (long time ago !) does have had this effect:

      a.) a "raw report" was created ; at the same time many raw reports there generated by WWi server. Then there was a "mix" that means: Spec ID 1 get report of spec Id 2

      b.) a high number of final reports were generated. Here "nearly" the same effect took place. But now not "raw report" was mixed but final report.

      We solved this topic only by hazard (and starting OSS dialog). If I remember correct we did this analysis: we "know" the date at which something gone wrong. Then we checked any "final" report. And then we realized the "mix". I was not able to find the corresponding OSS note any more. Seems to be a very old topic.

      Therefore: please help: Is chapter 2 to 16 related to "cola" and not "beer" (example above) or is the problem only related to e.g. chapter 2 (than it is a different issue).

      Sorry. It is to long ago


      PS: may be check: Note 959195. Here you will get "log" files on WWI server side: may be by using this feature you can identify the reason of this behaviour.