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Sep 05, 2013 at 03:52 PM

LSMW - Creation Project/WBS with BAPI or Idoc



is there anybody who was succesful in creating Projects and WBS structures with BAPI or Idoc?

I tried it with BAPI and the follwing parameters

Business Object BUS2054 Method SAVEREPLICA Message Type PROJECT Basic Type PROJECT01

This ends with an error that SAVEREPLICA is not allowed in this context. I should use CREATE, but CREATE can not be entered in the parameters.

I tried Idoc with the follwing parameters

Message Type PROJECT Basic Type PROJECT01 Enhancement

X Allow Structure Assignment for EDIDC40

This finaly terminates with the same error as the BAPI.

I would really like to use a standard SAP tool to migrate Projects/WBS-Structures. Was anybody succesful in this and can give a short documentation to the SDN community?

Best regards