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Sep 05, 2013 at 12:40 PM

Logical Database Query SQ02



I've created a SAP Query report which shows all the accounting documents relating to purchase orders. It's a direct read of BSEG with BKPF added as an additional table. In the selection screen i filter by PO number on BSEG as well as document number ranges on both tables. It does provide the information required but is a bit slow.

Many people have mentioned that logical database queries run much quicker. I've created another query based on logical database SDF and selected the same fields as before from BSEG and BKPF. When I run the query based on the same criteria it doesn't run in time so eventually i get a runtime error. I've tried just selecting a small range of document numbers to see what it returns but the same happens. I'm also forced to enter a selection for 'Open items at key date' so just enter today's date.

Does anyone know if I'm doing something wrong here?

Many thanks