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Sep 05, 2013 at 11:51 AM

Process to be done between FPVA and FPVB


Hi All,

As we know, SAP - ISU consists two transactions.

FPVA - Dunning Proposals

FPVB - Dunning Activity

I want to know once FPVA is run, how to exclude multiple items from being passed to FPVB. Will this be custom program or SAP has provided any functionality for this?

From, I could find below related information:

The dunning proposal run proposes a reconciliation key for the documents posted during dunning. You can change this proposal manually. The dunning activity run only uses this reconciliation key if the run ID agrees with that of the dunning proposal run.

So where proposal can be changed manually?

Once FPVA is completed, FPM3 shows dunning line items but it can not be decided that dunning activities are also performed. Is there any way to make sure in FPM3 that dunning activities are also carried out?