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Sep 05, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Error in converting exchange rate


Hello Gurus,

We are receiving a warning error with SC being created with our Poland facility.

Condition 01PB: Error in converting exchange rate from PLN to EUR: Maintain conversion factors for EUR / PLN (currency type EURX)

The SC was created with EUR as the currency and then the Approver changed the currency to PLN and now the price is actually changing to 0.00 and even if you put in a price it gets changed back to 0.00. This issue does not have if the SC is created first in PLN.

When I look in config SRM > Cross-Application Basic Settings > Pricing > Process Condition Types - Condition type 01PB is set

Condition Type: Price (Manual)

Condition: B Prices

Calculation Type: C Quantity

Source system: B Source: Local

Condition Schema

Level: 50

Cntr: 0

CTyp: 01PB

Manual Condition: box is checked

Sub to: No separate sub total

Print: It was not printed

In the "Currencies: Tanslation Ratios" rates are maintained for EURX from EUR to PLN and also PLN to EUR

Also in ExRt M is maintained from PLN to EUR Valid From 01/01/1800 Ration(from) 1 : Ratio(to) 1 Alt. ERT EURX

ExRt is maintained from EUR to PLN Valid From 01/01/1800 Ratio(from) 1 : Ratio(tp) 1 Alt. ERT is blank

Any help would be much appreciated. We are using classic scenario. Everything does match what we have in our ECC client.