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WWI Asian Language

Hi Experts..!

I am having some problem in printing in Asian language and need your inputs & suggestions to rectify the issue.

I have maintained a phrase in following language



(Asian).-------JA(Japanese),ZH(Chinese), ZF(Chinese trad.),TU(Thai)

and assigned it to corresponding phrase set.

In report template i used the corresponding symbol, master repeating group & Repeating group type G

Test for Multi Language: This is for multiple languages & region






In my Generation variant(single gen variant), in validity area(leading validity area=Reg_world) , i maintained the validity area & report language for the above mentioned phrase language.(Validity area-report language relation:= FR-FR, DE-DE, JP-JA, TW-TH, RU-RU, CN-ZF, CN-ZH ) in Rating & Validity tab.

When I preview the template in cg42, I am getting the following output.

Test for Multi Language: This is for multiple languages & region

consulter un médecin (French)

Arzt konsultieren (German)

ˆãŽt‚É‘Š’k (Japanese)

»ÃÖ¡ÉÒá¾·Âì (Thai)

îáðàòèòåñü ê âðà÷ó (Russian)

´NÂå (chinese trad.)

¾ÍÒ½ (chinese)

Am not generating report at the moment. I am trying it front-end pc and viewing it in CG42. So i think there is no Unicode & non-Unicode issue involved in this.

I checked my windows language settings & Microsoft office 2007 language settings. Both are positive.

But still am not able to see the output in Russian or in Asian language. I am able to see the output in french, German, Italian.....


In WWI.INI file language settings are there for code page.

In the "LANG" dir of "SAP Shared" directory, we can see lot of files like this, "chartdesignerJA.txt" . When it is opened in notepad, the contents are look like ãŽt‚É‘Š’k....... But the same file if opened in MS word 2007, its displayed in Japanese font.

In Transaction SCP, the code page for above mentioned language are listed.

Thanks & Regards,

Subash Sankar

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2 Answers

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    Posted on Sep 06, 2013 at 12:45 PM


    I solved the issue by changing the font of the symbol. used the same code,






    formatted "G1015012TR" as Times New Roman. Earlier it was calibri. (Got hint from WWI.INI)

    and now i got the output as

    consulter un médecin

    Arzt konsultieren



    обратитесь к врачу



    Thanks & Regards

    Subash Sankar

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    • Dear Subash

      we are now at the "heart" of understanding SAP. Short answer would be (to my knowledge):

      there is no interaction of SAP GUI process with WWI process regarding unicode topics

      The long term answer would be:

      SAP is diveded in

      - database

      - application server

      - User IInterface

      Example of user interfaces are:

      - SAP GUI

      - BSP Pages

      - WebDynpro

      All of these component interacte heaviliy woth the operating system of your client and in most cases the communicaiton is done with SAP using TCP/IP connection

      The settings xou have shown hva direct and indirect impact on hwi SAP Gui is working. There are a lot of more (similar settings) there. But most of them should only help to decide: how to present the data on the screen (using e.g. which color, which foint etc.)

      Which effects can happen? Ok in many plases in SAP Gui you can upload or download data. Here you need to sceficy in many cases "Codepages" to do so so thata can be passed sucessfully between database <=> application server to your local client.

      Based on UI technology several OS techniques are used to handle the font etc. topic. On Windows e.g you have a lot of "OCX" modules (if i remember correct) which are used in context of SAP GUI. WebDynpro and BSP ises "browser" techmiques to rpesent something.

      Threfore: you need to differentoate "presenting" somthing and passing data forth and back.

      E.g. cou can switch SAP GUi in such a way that you can enter "left to right" language (just switch that; it is "nice experience);

      If you read cross WWI installation guide and if I remember coreect: it is not allwoed to have a SAP GUI on gen server installed.

      Coming back to WWI: MOst companies still use UNICODE enabled data bases (unicode is not Unicode! Check other places in INternet). Therefore "character" based data (like "Hello") is store in a specific way. If this data is retreived then RFC must be unicdeo enabled so that WWI can work properly.Than by using WWI.INI and Microsoft technique WWI treis to find "suitable" font to display "Hello". IN the pas a lot of issues come up in asian languages etc. (therefore we have a high number of OSS notes related to that topic),. Now it seems to be that WWI is more stable and if you use the "right" font you can do the job


  • Posted on Sep 05, 2013 at 07:25 PM

    Dear Subash

    a.) you are wrong. The topic is "unicode related" => these are my assumptions: RFC(between SAP and WWI server) is UNICODE enabled, SAP is Unicode based but what about WWI.INI ??

    b.) there are a number of OSS notes regarding asian etc. languages

    c.) if you succeed to get ready this "special" template run / ready then you will get "EH&S Award of the year" 🤣 (ok this award does not exists but if you succeed here you should get it😉).

    These are my suggestions:

    a.) use "Create from template"

    b.) collect any file downloaded to you local client; important is the "value" file; attach this file to this thread; then there is a "starting" point to discuss

    c.) attach WW.Ini (of your local client) to this thread (assumption: this WWI.ini is the same as WWI.ini on gen server; important is the part of "FONT" definition

    I am not sure if you will succeed with this template. The reason is the "language" mix. (european, russia, and asia languages).

    PS: which WWI version do you use?

    These are my suggestions:

    a.) try first to "separate" lanuages; one genvar / template combination with EN,FR,DE,IT

    b.) one with RU (I am not sure with which language you should combine)

    c) and one with only eastern languege

    My assumption: using this combination should work.

    Then later it might be necesssary to start OSS dialog.

    Hope this helps as a starting point


    PS: I am interested to know if you find a solution; this type of "demand" is very tricky and actually I am not sure if you will find a solution

    PPS: may be show phrase text of the phrase in this thread per language using your exmaple referrring to text "consulter un médecin"

    PPS part two:

    check e.g

    And similar OSS notes; Unicode support is related to WinWord version as well (e.g.

    961026 EH&S WWI: Errors in Unicode mode)

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    • Former Member

      Hi C.B..!

      Now I got the output in corresponding languages...I have changed my code like this, and formatted the symbol with respective font (for Russian & Asian language)..

      But still i am doing this in front-end PC & preview it in CG42. In that case I don't know how it il react when it is actually generated as report in Gen.Server. May be at that time Unicode & Non-Unicode issue arise..!

      One more thing I don't understand is, First I used this code






      and I haven't formatted the font of the symbol. Yet i got output in German, French. How..?

      Thanks & Regards

      Subash Sankar S