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Sep 05, 2013 at 09:33 AM

WebTemplate property EXPORT_LAYOUT



I am trying to use the new BW 7.3 (EHP1, SP7) option of setting the WebTemplate parameter EXPORT_LAYOUT.

I have followed the instructions of activating the Export Libraray for BEx.

The simple thing I am trying to achieve is to create a PDF where I have 4 web items displayed in two rows where the first one displays

3 (info items) next to each other and the second row the fourth item spanning over 3 columns.

[Application help] documentation is poor, because it is not quite clear

- how web items (container layout items) should be placed in the original web template or in the web template used in the PDF export

- fow ewhich of the 2 web templates the parameter must be set

- if the export is then referring to a web template at all or must use a different data binding.

I have been trying various options to understand the way the new feature works, none of them successful, although when executing

the print web template directly it looks exactly the way I want ...

Has anyone used this feature successfully?

Kind regards