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Sep 05, 2013 at 07:44 AM

Migration from Crystal Enterprise 10 to BI 4.0


Hello Experts,

Our client is planning to migrate its existing Crystal enterprise 10 to BI 4.0.

1. Can you please share the recommended approach that we need to undertake. ?

2. As I understand that we need to migrate to XIR2 /3.1 before migrating to BI 4.0. So do we need to take a biar of CE 10 and import in 3.1 through Import wizard and then migrate to BI 4.0 ? Or we can manually open the CE 10 reports in BI 4.0 since we have around approx 100 reports.

What is the ideal approach to be followed ? Any information or documentation or notes would really be helpful ?

3. If we need to migrate the reports from CE 10 to BI 4.0 via XIR2/ 3.1, Does the client need to procure XIR2/ 3.1 license ? If yes, do we have facility for temporary license?

Can documentation would really suffice the purpose.?