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Sep 05, 2013 at 12:20 AM

New warning message in MIGO after upgrade to EHP6


After upgrading our SAP system to EHP6, we have started getting a new warning message when doing goods receipts from Purchase Orders in MIGO. Then new message number is M7900, and the text says "Enter at least one delivery or purchasing document:".

Our business process is as follows:

1) Start transaction MIGO.

2) Select "Goods Receipt" from the pull down selection

3) Select "Purchase Order" from the next pull sown selection.
At this point, the movement type auto-populates as 101.

4) Enter the purchase order number .

At this point, the goods receipt Items auto populate from the purchase order.

5) Enter whatever additional info is necessary (Batch, SLED, Adjust Qty, etc.)

6) Click the "CHECK" button.

This is the point at which we see the new warning message.

I have done both a Google search and searched the SAP OSS Notes, but I'm not getting any hits.

Does anyone know what is causing this warning?