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Sep 04, 2013 at 06:58 PM

Missing dependent components (261) while backflushing through MFBF


Hello Gurus,

We found a strange behavior that while back flushing through RF (MFBF) the material document is posted but we see only finished good (131 mvt type) and dependent components are missing (which are supposed be in 261 mvt type). Strangely on same day we had 2 back flushes - one was correctly posted and other one has a problem (no dependent parts (261) only finished good (131)). This is means problem is not consistent. We checked in MF47 and COGI but we didnt find any records in them. BOM contains 2 dependent components - one is direct and other is phantom assembly.

We also found the same above problem in couple of other finished goods. Unable to understand what is causing this strange behavior. We checked for OSS notes or FAQs relevant to this issue but no success. Following are basic details:

It's an assembly backflush

BOM & production version validity dates are correct

User doesnt have authorization to delete or modify MF47 / COGI

Checked REM profiles

We are on ECC 6.0

Pls. advise what might be the problem.