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Sep 04, 2013 at 04:08 PM

Segments - Activity Post - Assets


Hi Friends. Im facing a problem a little problem with Segments, wish you could guide me. Letme Explain.

We create CO Order to build an Asset. In this CO order we use Labor.

The accounts and CostElements are the following:

•75000: FI Account for labor

•A_Labor01: Secondary Cost Element - Activity Labor

•75001: Primary Cost Element type 22, for Settle Labor

•16000: FI account for assets

The costing flow is the Following:

My process is ok in CostCenters, Profit Centers and the overall P&L of the company, but i have an issue at Segment Level when we try to make P&L, the key point is the following:

The debit to the CostCenter with account 7500 is in Segment X +100

The credit of CO Order with account 75001 is in segment Y -10 (Y derived from the ProfitCenter of the Order)

The +100 in segment X is not real because 10 was absorbed in the Asset, so indeed it must be 90.

Additional Information: I can post activities to the CO Order from different CostCenters assigned to different Segments, so my CO Orders never have the same Segment of at least 1 CostCenter.

+ What I can do?

+ Can I set the Settlement in order to consider the Partner Segment of the Activity Post.. i dont beleave that, but who knows?