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Sep 04, 2013 at 03:58 PM

Using Smartstyles in Smartform


Hi Experts,

I'd like to ask your assistance in a simple problem in using smartstyles. I have a project where I'll use the standard form SEPA_MANDATES (I created a custom form ZSEPA), now the problem is I would like to make spaces between each category (see screen shot spaces.jpg) the standard line space is too big.

I would like to make atleast half of the standard line (space when entered). I know to do this we should use smartstyles paragraph format, but in this case when I tried, I get a pop up "Unpermitted character formats being deleted" (unpermitted.jpg)

When you click ok, the form is ruined. can you please help me apply the spaces I need?

Please create a copy of the standard form SEPA_MANDATE, then when you try to use smartstyles, these popups will trigger...


Jeffrey Broodwar