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Sep 04, 2013 at 03:29 PM

Vendor report 0FI_AP_4 and 0FI_AP_6


Hello all,

Issue: with this data below is that it has different combination of Vendor #, Industry and Minority Code. Could be Data entry issue.

I have a requirement to create a report that shows TOTAL amount paid ($70) by Main VENDOR (2020) and MINORITY CODE (10).

Since the information on the main vendor (2020) is correct, I don't care if the industry and minority code is different for PI vendor.

My Question is:

Is there a standard extractor/table that provide this. I looked at 0FI_AP_4, 0FI_AP_6.

Below is a list of vendors that have three different combinations of industry/minority code.

V. Name Vendor Industry Code Minority Code Partner Function DR

ABC Zone 2020 SPOT 10 (VN) $70
ABC Zone 701500 SVOT Blank (PI) $50

ABC Zone 701555 SPOT 13 (PI) $20

Appreciate for your time and feeback


BW Team