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Sep 04, 2013 at 01:21 PM

RM06INP0 is not updating some info records


Hi experts,

I want to use SAP standard report RM06INP0 to update the net price in some info records.

It's working well for the most of them, but a few can't be find.

One example:

Info record has one condition (PB00) with 2 calid dates, one from the 15.05.2013 until 31.07.2013, the other valid from 01.08.2013 until 31.12.9999.

Net Price in Purch. Organizatino Data 1 is 50,40, in the condition (valid after 01.08.2013) price is 50,33 --> Difference, should be updated.

I tried to start the report, at the selection screen I enter material number, purchase organization and plant. Checkbox "Price Determination w/o PO" and "Test run" is marked.

--> Nothing found.

Then I tried the same selection, but now untick the Checkbox "Price Determination w/o PO"

--> One info record is found.

I tried to compare with other inforecords that are working:

- Table EINA/EINE are the same

- Table KONP, the only difference is field "Numerator for converting condition units to base units" (KUMZA), "Denominator for converting condition units to base units" (KUMNE) and "Condition exclusion indicator" (KZNEP) are emtpy for the inforecord that isn't working.

Any ideas?