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Sep 04, 2013 at 09:24 AM

Restriction of processing f-58 based on purchase order DPR(Down payment request)



We are trying to implement Down payment request after upgradation to ECC 6.

With the help of notes provided by SAP and after having discussions with them we now able to create DPR through ME2DP.As in the screen of ME2DP is having 2 options.The first one takes through F-58 transaction and the process continues.

Now we are facing problem from the core team that any user can process directly through F58 and there there is no restriction with the amount.

Requirement is in F-58 screen after giving the purchase order field it should automatically check wether Purchase order is subjected to DP category or not?

If it is subjected then it should throw and error stating that to be processed by ME2DP only.

There is no proper reply from SAP as it cannot be done from their end and requested to work with BTE 950 but it is triggered after selecting Process open items in f-58 screen.

Please tell any other process to be followed not to process F-58 if Purchase order provided is subjected to Down payment Category .

Please provide the required BAdi or BTE or Userexit or any enhancement spot possible to fulfil our requirement.