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Sep 04, 2013 at 08:45 AM

Technical Error (Abort) shown as success.


Hi all,

In my interface I'm throwing application error and technical errors (MSGTYP = 'E' and 'A') in my function module (action).

In the monitoring overview, I can see the technical errors.

But when clicking on the hotspot and entering the Monitoring and Error handling transaction, those messages are all flagged as "Success"

As a test, I'm also throwing Abort error message in the /AIF/FILE_TEMPL_INIT_MAPPING and /AIF/FILE_TEMPL_INIT_ACTION via test tool.

This do result in technical error:

So I copied the template function modules to customer function modules to test this also at runtime (not via testtool).

“Init Function Before Mapping”:

Results in Application Error ?!

“Init Function Before Processing”:

Code of the "Init Action Function":

Results in Success status ?!

So the location of throwing the Abort message is influencing the overall message status...

Anyone experienced same issues? External consultant mentioned there is such an issue also with IDoc enabler.

Many thanks!

Kind Regards,

Brecht Bauwens


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