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Sep 04, 2013 at 07:51 AM

Redefine of Event Handler of WebUI


Hi experts,

I would like to redefine a "Event Handler" Method of component AIC_CMCR_H, View AIC_CRMCR_H/AICCMCROverview.

It is the method EH_ONEDIT, which I would like to modify.

At the beginning of this method there is the following coding:

htmlb_event = htmlb_event
htmlb_event_ex = htmlb_event_ex ).

My problem is, if I don't call this coding the screen is not going in edit-mode, which it should do. But when I call the coding, it goes again through the original coding and so I can't delete the coding which I want to delete, because it is also called in the original one.

So what is my mistake? How can I avoid to call the original coding and the system is also going into the EDIT-Mode.

Thx in advance