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Sep 04, 2013 at 07:42 AM

Reg. Batch Management issue in MF41



I have an issue while doing Cancellation of material document in MF41.

All my FG and Components are batch managed.

I did Production confirmation in MFBF which created a Batch on 02.09.2013 for the FG.

Now i want that Material document to be canceled via MF41 with the past date 30.08.2013 as posting date. While doing this i get an error of Deficit of stock in batch.

But my FG is available in stock on that Batch.

I understand the issue is the batch created date was 02/09 but i am cancelling it on 30/08 thats why system unable to find the stoc on 30/08.

Kindly thorw me some light how do i cancel this material documnet via MF41.