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Sep 04, 2013 at 07:07 AM

Restrict the SIM Card Internet and allow only wifi internet on IOS device



The below scenarios comes when client provided Corporate device to user and he wants to restrict with the maximum policy. (only for IOS device)

  • Most of time a question from your client to restrict internet services from SIM Card (ISP ).

  • Most of client wants internet should only work with corporate WIFI and when user not connected with WIFI internet should not work even if SIM Internet is available.

Here is workaround solution

1. Create a corporate WIFI policy on Afaria console from ..Policy>> Configuration>> IOS >>MDMPayload>> Wi-Fi .. ( Auto join should be selected).

2. Create one more policy from Afaria console from...Policy>> Configuration>> IOS >>MDMPayload>>Advance


4. save and link both the policy to group and push the policy on device

5. Note : Access point name , user name , password, 0, 1 should be wrong info .

6. On the device when the User will try to connect internet with sim (ISP) due to wrong information for APN it will not connect the internet and prompt error.

7. When the device will connect the wifi Internet will start working

Note: This is workaround solution , please test the policy before you apply .