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Sep 03, 2013 at 09:39 PM

SD Billing - VAT determination not on bill to, sold to, ship to, payer


Hi Guys,

we're facing a problem on VAT determination. Let me explain:

in sales order entry, we register a SO for a sold to, ship to payer & bill to in European Union, AND departure country = destination country.

However, the goods finally will be shipped outside the EU. Purpose in VAT is that VAT follows the goods, so no VAT is to be charged as the goods are exported.

E.g. plant & Sorg are in Germany, ship to party as well in Germany, but the goods will be exported towards e.g. Dubai.

I have tried to change in Sales order "tax destination ctry (VBAK-STCEG_L)" but during invoicing the manual setting is overruled by SAP and thus IS germany deduced and I get "domestic VAT" charged.

Does anyone of you know how to setup this in a clean way?