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Sep 03, 2013 at 09:05 PM

Can some one suggest a solution for my scenario


Hi All,

We have a issue with webdynpros executed using IE10 and working with SAP with that.

The issue is that when ever some thing is getting executed the image which comes like spinning wheel is not coming and SAP suggests us to totally upgrade which is a 6 month project and we are not ready for that as of now.

The component is getting executed fine and data is being rendered into to ALV and displayed perfectly fine , but when it takes little mor etime for getting data then user doesn't even know if it is processing or if it is hanged as there is not spinning wheel showing the progress.

So i am trying to resolve this using a Image of Spinning wheel which i wanna make visible when some input is entered and a button is clicked to get the data and when data is extracted and ALV is filled i want to make the image invisible. I tried creating events one for making visible and another for making image invisible but only the last event gets fired as all the code is in same method of DISPLAY button.

Is there any way i can achieve this kind of scenario, please suggest as I have already exhausted all the ways i knew.