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Sep 03, 2013 at 03:30 PM

Automatic source determination


Dear all,

I am debating with automatic determination of source of supply.

We are in ECC 6 . 17.

According to OSS note 677169, for ECC6, BADI CNIF_MAT_UPDATE has to be activated + user ID EKO has to be set to the right purchase organization in SU01 in order for the system to determine automatically the puchase infor record in component added to the project.

I have done this but with no success when adding or changing components in project builder, using t-code CJ20N:

- first of all, when I add a component to a network in CJ20N, purchasing organization is not taken from parameter EKO, so its blank and I have to set it manually. The only thing I have found in order to default purchasing organization is to follow OSS note 328466 for screen 2702. It works but is is not quite satisfying as it is modification of SAP standard and if I change EKO in SU01, when opening a project in project builder, it changes purch. org of all components to the new value.

- secondly, it seems that Badi CNIF_MAT_UPDATE is not called in CJ20N. I have followed the following link in order to know every Badis called in CJ20N and can't see the one I need :

- I confirm that for the test material I use, there is only one purchase information record, that is created on the purchasing organization and the plant indicated in the project component.

Is is the right way to process or do I miss something?

Please help doing this,


Claire D.