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Sep 03, 2013 at 12:12 PM

WCEM 3.0 Main Page Blank


Hello everybody,

we are using WCEM 3.0 in Contact Scenario with CRM Backend. Everything works fine so far, as we can search for products and put them in the basket. But we have a problem with the shops main page, because it is completly blank. There is no navigation sidebar and no articles...

In WCB we configured the "Product Catalog Area" navigation mode. We created four Product Catalog Areas in MDM like you can see in the picture attached. The three child elements contain two products each. In the web shop I can enter the Catalog Areas in the search bar and find the containing products. So for me it seems to work fine. But I expected the Product Catalog Areas to be part of the navigation sidebar.

Best regards

Jan Arensmeyer


MDM.PNG (27.6 kB)
MainPage.PNG (31.3 kB)