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Sep 03, 2013 at 08:41 AM

Adhoc Approver disappears after SAVE


Hi Experts,

Kindly find the below issue.. Help me to solve this... Any helpful answers will be rewarded.


Additional Adhoc approver get wiped out .

Server: SRM 7.0

Application : Shopping Cart


Issue is when adding an ad-hoc approver in an already started shopping cart workflow:

Upon saving a shopping cart from edit mode where an ad-hoc approver was added, this additional approver get wiped out if one of the line item contains a product ID.

Here are the detailed steps that cause this problem:

- Employee creates a shopping cart that contains one line item with a Product number

- Order the cart (Workflow being started)

- Employee goes back in this cart in “edit” mode and adds an Ad-hoc in the original workflow and Saves

- Close the SC pop-up and back to refreshed overview screen and open the cart from there (display mode)

- Added approver disappeared, only original WF is retained

This behavior does NOT happen when the shopping cart does not contain any Product ID

Also it is independent from the number of levels in original WF: same issue whether the original WF is a 1 or a 2 levels of approval

I found two SAP Notes for the similar issue,


In the SAP Notes 1397856 and 1010079 , 1397856 is already implemented and still issue exists.

And in the note 1010079 is mentioned like it will support for support package 5 and 5.5. Here it is now upgraded to SRM 7.