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Sep 03, 2013 at 05:31 AM

Key Figures mapping missing in the transformation from 0FI_AA_11 to 0FIA_DS11


Hello All,

We have installed the standard content for Assets Accounting for BW 7.3.

However, i dont find any mapping for the following key figures in the transformation 0FI_AA_11 to 0FIA_DS11:

  • Accumulated ordinary depreciation (0COR_DEP_YR)
  • Cumulative special depreciation (0CSP_DEP_YR)
  • Cumulative unplanned depreciation (0CUP_DEP_YR)
  • Cumulative reserves transfer (0CRES_TR_YR)
  • Cumulative Revaluation of the Replacement Value (0CREV_RV_YR)
  • Cumulative revaluation of ordinary depreciation (0CREV_OD_YR)
  • Cumulative Interest at start of Fiscal Year (0CINTER_YR)

Kindly advice.

Thanks & Regards