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Sep 02, 2013 at 03:06 PM

OLAPLOOKUP - error xxx_rc was not found in the cube


Hi all,

Currently, we are using BPC 7.5 MS SP11.

We are trying to use OLAPLOOKUP to pull data stored on 936212H_RC and 936252H_RC.

These 2 peoplemgt accounts are not baselevel accounts, but accounts calculated with MDX in the formular property of the dimension.

The created logic looks like below:

*include system_constants.lgl
*xdim_memberset RCPeoplemgt=936212_keyfig_RC,936252H_rc,936212H_rc,930_rc

*OLAPLOOKUP Peoplemgt_ytd

*Dim rcpeoplemgt ="936212H_rc","936252H_rc"




[ACCOUNTDIM].[#936212_keyfig_RC]=([ACCOUNTDIM].[936212H_RC],[MEASURES].[PERIODIC]) * (([ACCOUNTDIM].[930_RC]+ ([ ACCOUNTDIM].[930_RC],time.currentmember.lag(1)))/2) * ([ACCOUNTDIM].[936252H_RC],[MEASURES].[PERIODIC])


[ACCOUNTDIM].[#936212_keyfig_RC]=([ACCOUNTDIM].[936261_RC],time.currentmember.lag(1)) + (([ACCOUNTDIM].[936212H_RC],[MEASURES].[PERIODIC]) * (([ACCOUNTDIM].[930_RC]+ ([ ACCOUNTDIM].[930_RC],time.currentmember.lag(1)))/2) * ([ACCOUNTDIM].[936252H_RC],[MEASURES].[PERIODIC]) )



However, below error returned when running it, although 936212H_RC was verified and does exist in the olap cube.

Error in step 1 of QueryCubeAndDebug: -2147467259 Query (5, 43) The hierarchy '[936212H_RC"]' was not found in the cube when the string, [RCPEOPLEMGT].[936212H_RC"], was parsed.

Can you please advise if OLAPLOOKUP can be used for sap bpc7.5M? Or if so, please advise the cause of the error message.

You help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks,Wai Yee