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Former Member
Jan 12, 2017 at 09:41 AM

Formatted search override over copied values


Hello Experts ,

I have create a query as formatted search and use it on all marketing documents Cost Center field (row level) , the query will bring the proper cost center automatically , once the user select a project (Project is the trigger ), if no project selected , then the user will select the cost center manually . until here everything is working fine. the issue is when the user is filling the document by using copy from or copy to option. in this case i need all the data to come exactly from the source document, unfortunately , the formatted search in the target document will make the cost center field empty , and will not bring it value from the source document, here is the query am using , if you can help me with :

SELECT T0."U_CostCenter" FROM OPRJ T0 WHERE T0."PrjCode" = $[$38.31.0]