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Web Intelligence reports does not due to huge data volume


I am working on BO XI 3.1 on SAP BI. I have a query in BI, and the data contained in it huge, (around 1.5 crore records). The query contains around 30 fields.

I have built a universe on top of the query. When I select "New Web Intelligence" report in INFOVIEW, and select the universe, I get all the fields as objects in the "Data" panel.

There are 10 optional prompts that I have put in the query. I pull certain objects and then click on "Run Query" button. The report shoes "Retrieving Data" in the status bar and I don't even get the "Prompts" window. This is the scenario that continues to stay. Nor do I get the Prompts window, nor does the report run any further.

Kindly suggest what should I do in this scenario?

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3 Answers

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    Sep 02, 2013 at 12:16 PM


    please be aware that units such as crore and lahks are not wideline known outside of India .

    Depending on the BW version, you could be hitting the 1 million cell (row x col) limit imposed by BW .

    everything after BW 7 Ehp1 SP05 and above was 'optimized' (at about release ~ XI3.1 SP04)

    You should monitor the BW work processes SM50 to see what's happening in the BW backend.

    try and filter to a maximum, by answering all the prompts

    also, query stripping enabled in both query panel and webi document.

    also, tick 'suppress unassigned nodes' in bw transaction RSH1, and also 'enable selection of structure elements' in RSRT


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  • Sep 02, 2013 at 03:24 PM


    You will NOT see any BW prompt because you have created a UNV against the BW source. You now need to create your own prompts with the query. Only in BI 4.x can you talk directly against the BW source using a BICS connection, then you will get the BW prompts.


    - In XI 3.1 when you create a OLAP UNV against BW you DO NOT get the BW prompts

    - In BI 4.x you can now create a direct BW connection using BICS, you will see the BW prompts.



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    • Former Member Ingo Hilgefort


      Actually, I wasn't getting prompts because, in the universe, I had selected to display "LOVs" for the prompts. Because of huge data volume, it might be taking huge time to get the LOVs, because of which I thought that the prompts are not getting displayed.

      But, when I removed the LOVs, I got the prompts window immediately.



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    Sep 03, 2013 at 10:19 AM

    Hi Amrita,

    I have worked on scenarios where we had millions of records. And then it required rigorous performance improvement measures .You can try out below scenarios and see how it works for you:

    Step 1 : Optimise your bex query , restrict as much data as you can by applying characteristic restrictions or filters to remove any extra records . See if the query is fetching ONLY relevant records.

    Step 2: If data remains huge , u need to improve bex query performance, go for building aggregates on the cube on which bex query is created OR go for putting the cube on BW Accelerator.This will reduce the data retrieval time.

    Step 3:After that do ensure that only relevant fields have been dragged in the Webi report. Do ensure that whichever field is not being used in webi, should not be present in the the bex query as well.

    If all this doesnt help, then think of logically spiltting your Bex query.

    For example, if you have 5 characteristics and 2 key figures required for 1 tab in Webi and another 3 characteristics and 2 key firgures for 2nd tab in Webi , split the two bex queries.

    This is because if you have 1 bex query , then total no. of cells being hit = 8 characteristics * 4 key figures = 32 cells.

    On splittting, then total no. of cells being hit =( 5 characteristics * 2 key figures)+ (3 characteristics * 2 key figures) = 10 + 6 =16 cells.

    This approach can reduce the number of cells your bex query is hitting drastically.

    Take care of merge dimension in case you follow this approach.

    Even if this doesnt work , then you might have to think of spliting your Webi report.



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    • Former Member Former Member

      Did you get any help by upgrading to BI 4.0/4.1 using BICS.

      BW: EHP2 SP6, BO: 4.1 SP1 Patch 3

      We use latest BW and BO releases.

      But I have a similar situation. The report business wanted from Webi tool is basically a master data dump from an Employee Infoset.

      And it has two tabs which brings 1 Million cells into Webi report from BICS.

      For Employee Analysis tab: 792000 Cells (~ 9000 Rows * 88 Columns)

      Education Tabs : 297000 Cells ( ~9000 Rows * 33 Columns)

      They Sum to = 1089000 Cells = 1 Million+ Cells

      Several times i get several error messages .

      JAVA Heap Space Issue - Increased the DSL Memory from 2 GB to 6 GB but didn't help

      CORBA error while communicating with SL - > No clue why this message comes (Bad debugging capability of Business Objects)

      Do you know how to over come this issue? Do we have any settings which would make sure there is no restriction of 1 Million Cells in Webi?