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Jan 12, 2017 at 09:23 AM

​System-wide de-activation of certain SLIN / Syntax-Check warnings?


When I'm doing development for S/4HANA I sometimes get the Syntax-Check-warning / SLIN-Error about "the database feature "TABLE_LEN_MAX1" is used here (read the long text)".

I get that it's about this: HANA tables can have a lot of columns, while old databases might have restrictions (like only 255 columns are ok, or something).

So it's ok to have this warning/error active by default.

However, I have this specific situation:

I'm doing S/4HANA-Development; this code will only ever run on S/4HANA; S/4HANA only runs an HANA

-> so there is no danger that it will ever run on another DB.

--> That is why I would like to have this check turned off completely in my development System.

(And: I do NOT want to write ##DB_FEATURE_MODE[TABLE_LEN_MAX1]. on every line of code, to avoid the warning!)

How do I do that?