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Sep 02, 2013 at 04:09 AM

Checkbox to select a bunch of records in ALV grid display ..


Hello Experts ,

I have a requirement where in an alv grid display the user should be able to CHECK a block of records having the same value .

Please refer the sketch of the proposed screen below:

Scenario :

All the data will be displayed initially with blank Reference No. field ;

When the user clicks on a certain button a reference no is generated on the screen for a bunch of records;

Multiple records can have the same reference no.

So, when the reference no. is generated the user must be able to CHECK one reference no. rather than checking every record with same reference no.

Is this possible?

If yes then kindly answer ....

ORDER DETAILS Mark Reference No. Brand Code Dealer Code Dealer Name Dealer Location Zone LSP Total R0001 SCROLL BAR √ R0002 R0003 R0004 R0005 R0006 R0007 R0008 R0009 R0010 SCROLL BAR


Jay Kamdar.