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Sep 24, 2005 at 02:13 PM

Key-Figure modeling: Do I get it right in this summary.


Hello Experts,

So, based on the response to "What makes this a Key Figure Model (and not Account Model in BW) ? " by Eugene,

can I conclude that if one is asked to model data in BW, and told to use key-figure based modeling, then

"every distinct type of chracteristic should be represented by its own KF." as in the model below?

Also, in the key figure model:

Customer Revenue Deductions---COGS


100 DM-390 DM----

50 DM

The article I am reading seems to be placing an emphasis on the fact that all the key figures have the same UNIT, DM.

So will it cease to be a key-figure based model if the record is to include these characteristics:

Distance (miles)

Ranking (%)

Length of Pipes (feet).

How can we modify the above model to include these and still keep it as a key-figure based model?

Thanks in advance.