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Sep 24, 2005 at 01:01 AM

Please Help: User Exit to Protect a Long Text Field


Hi everyone

I need to protect an input field in some standard Transactions, but this field is a long text field that is captured in a 'editor'.

In fact, i need to protect the field for Material Long Text in MM01 and MM02 (Creating and Changing Materials), wich is captured in Basic Data View at Basic Data Text. The Functional consultants find the way to protect other fields (like Material short Description)

by using Authorizations Objects, but they can´t protect this long text because is not a simple field like others, but is a long text captured in a mini-editor.

My task is to find the way to protect this text based in some conditions (by users for example), maybe with an User Exit protecting the capturing area or the Data Text strip.

Does somebody knows how can i do this ?

(Excuse the long explanation)

Thanks !!